i am having issues embedding a video file any thoughts?

when your on the financial aid website and you click on the video. the video is embedded and and window pops up with the URL (below)


i figured out the video file name is 9390, the last half of the code gives the dimension of the player and screen size.
the video they want to replace it with the link is (below) but its not embedded its just a link to the video.

what i tired was replacing the 9390 with 12064 (like below) but the wrong video pops up.


then i replaced 9390 with it with this #playlist-12064:video-3(below)


and i get an error that file is not found. i know that this is the file name of the video they want #playlist-12064:video-3but it doesnt work.

Here is the URL for the video.
Click Here

Use the <video> tag (or previous version of) and link directly to it.

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