Ok i built this site using macromedia fireworks and i am just making it to replace my site in a year or so and just wanted to test out making sites using fireworks.

The problem is when i go into dreamweaver to edit things like text and links i can't how can i make a way to edit a fireworks image like a simple html file in dreamweaver or frontpage.

here is my page so far

remove the second banner area. leave the Bill's PC Tips&Tricks, also if your going to use the penguin your going to want to remove the whit background on it so it doesnt look so out of place. Remove the glows on the Windows Longhorn and such, and change the color from that ugly blue to somthing else. Its nice design so far, just needs work to make look better.

how can i edit it like a normal page in dreamweaver do i need to make a css style sheet for it.