I have a very good meta "keywords"in English language... Now I want to use more languages (five in number).
How do I use the meta Tag "keywords".
And In Title can I use more than one language?
Thank you...

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something like

<meta name="keywords" lang="EN" content="Nova Scotia, FAQ, Insurance, locator">
<meta name="keywords" lang="FR" content="la Nouvelle-Ecosse, FAQ, assurance, guide de locataire">

unsure about title changes
our English pages have a link En Francais, class fr display block class en display none
the French pages have a link In English, class en display block class fr display none
identical content in identical location on the same page, no reload

Quebecois get French text by default, every body else gets English by default

cookie remembers the language choice for repeat visits

With five languages the pages would be too big,
with appropriate links betwee them SEbots would find all the keywords

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How about SEO for page content if the same url is given for every language?

I think Google pays more attention to content than to Keywords these days.

For separate languages you'll need a robust model. There are many options, including XGETTEXT/po files, language array files, separate include files...

Well at first I need to thank you very much all for your attention you shaw to my issue.
Basically I have to say that I don't want to create multilingual web site... my issue is to have multilingual Meta Tag "keywords" only... thus I will use "almostbob" proposition.
I think is the closet to what I need... and see the results.
Again thank you all.

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What do you mean what the code looks like?

If you want feedback on your design - go to the business exchange forum > website reviews

I mean in the specific lines... OK leave it...

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Well Pano, I'm not sure what you were expecting, but here's a source view:


Please whatch on my web site and see how the code it looks like...

It appears to me that you have about 3 <head></head> html tags on your source code?

Thank you very much for your notice.. it was very helpfull.. I fix it... thanks

I don't think it is a good idea if the same url is given for multiple languages, as saying goes "You cannot sell the cow and drink the milk." If you want your website ranked well in search engines in multiple languages, you'd better create different websites in different langues.

@silverice282 My issue was not to use multiple languges in my web site... The issue was ONLY for the "keywords" tag...

Just to be clear, if you want your website to be found in the search engines for those keywords, they must appear in the <body> of the page. For Google, the keywords <meta> tag is ignored. Bing largely uses the keywords <meta> as a SPAM signal, so if it contains a lot of keywords that don't appear in the page <body>, you could actually hurt your rankings. See Danny Sullivan's article on Bing and META Keywords tag.

@rtrethewey I'll take your suggestions very serious. After all I’m starting from scratch to rebuild my web site.
Than you very much

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