I am trying to align some text vertically with an image next to it, as in:
On the bottom half of the page, you can see that I have a bunch of images, each one with some text next to it. I want the text to appear in the middle of each icon, not on the top, as it is now. I tried putting


on the text, put it didnt work.
What is the correct way of doing this?

Try what 'Troy III' says in this thread on daniweb.

You will have to place the <img> and <span> tags in a <div>.

Regards - Shawn

I actually tried out several solutions, but the base CSS you use is interfering with the solutions.

I would suggest that you add a <br/> before the text of the words you want "more" centered. For example:

<span style="supportText"><br/>Walks, Runs <br />& Bikeathons</span>

Note the <br/> immediately after the span tag.

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