Besides Wordpress and Joomla, are there any other free CRM or CRM like sites out there? I am looking to get away from Joomla and I am not a big fan of Wordpress anymore. Was wondering if yall knew of any others out there?

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haha, yea CRM is what i wanted. I am trying to create a new website for my business, and need a good backbone. RIght now i have Joomla but i need more features and easier navigation in the admin panel...


You could always make your own, there is plenty of tutorials.

If not I would highly suggest moving away from Joomla and to something a bit better.


Awesome guys, I was looking for something OTHER then Joomla, I HATE their interface and its so hard to update anything on my current website. I think i might try out sugar and vtiger just to get a feel for each. I really do not want to go back to wordpress for my site, that had so many vulerabilities in and constantly updating everything got tiresome. Thanks again for your help and insight to other available options out there!



Hey guys, So I went with a MOTO CMS site for my main site and then went with VTiger for my backend system.

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