hello everyone, how are you. I am much worried will you please help me in this regards, actually I'm a html developer and can write good html. Now i want to create a html template for themeforest. can anyone guide me how to write general html code for multipurpose themes and what are the specific criteria, and also what are the basic requirements of themeforest.com.... thanx waiting

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I do not believe this:

no, I have not.. please give me the link ..

Contributors have better things to do than feed a lazy, 'I can't do my own research' timewaster. may I suggest that you use a tool called a search engine, for example Google or Bing. This has a box into which you can type words that you wish to search for. Enter your words and press the "Search" button. You will be astonished, as I was, almost 20 years ago, when a list of sites related to your search is displayed. If you click on one of the underlined titles, you will be spirited, almost magically to the site itself... I give up, I can't even be bothered to be sarcastic any more :-(

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