Help! I created a 72 ppi layout for an image I needed to save for flash. I took the original 300 ppi images (from another file) and shrunk them in the 72 ppi window then saved the entire image for web. Then I imported the saved for web image into flash. I made sure I used maximum quality when saving for web but it loooks blurry online. I cannot figure out how to fix it. It's been a while since I used flash so I would appreciate any help. Could it be the settings in my save for web in photoshop or settings in flash?

it depends on how big you want your file size to be, but firstly you can save it perhaps in better quality, like a normal gif/jpg and then import. when you do import, also make sure that your settings are at lossless.

Try to optimize file size after you've imported into Flash. I see that you "shrunk" your ppi before importing into Flash. My experience for example has been that even though a 72 dpi loads faster than 300 dpi, the difference in time for most 2009 internet users will be minimal so why bother with less quality.