Hi all.
Relative newby to DW CC, looking at my site its fine localy, however cant view on www after upload to server? I, can see the dat files as data on host just dosnt want to display????
Please Help
PS I may have currupted the folder layout but cant work out how... I have a two public folders and even I know thats not good.
Regards Gary

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I think this is more of a server problem than one to so with your site. I'd be amazed if you could do that yourself.

It may be best to get your server cleaned up and reset so they're working fine. Your host might be able to sort that out eaisier.

Then upload your site again, slowly. I can't imagine it's your fault, but better to be cautious.

Hopefully that will start to move you into the right direction to cleaning up your server.

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What do you want from us? We have absolutely no idea how your server is set up, your directory structure, which files reside where, which files display, which ones don't, whether your <link> href actually does point to the right directory/file or not.

Crystal Ball arriving next week, not in time to help you though, unfortunately.

Make sure the path to your external files are correct. You can go to 'View Source' in the browser and click on an external file location. If it doesn't work, then you'll need to find out why.

Code example would help.

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