Hi all
it's been a while scince i posted in DANIWEB, but i'm back ;)
i've been learning and practcing HTML and CSS for a while and i was wondering if there was a website or a fourm that have like a contest's for HTML&CSS or if there is any project's that i can do with HTML&CSS
so can you help me with that ??

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You can create a personal web site, a company web site, a blog or anything that does not require back-end logic.

contests are only put out by the developers of new commercial tech to push/prompt potential users to try out the language
html and css are stable established techs, no commercial value, no contests

there are a heap of tutorial sites that provide lessons for your own experience,

i would suggest you join a bootcamp to learn more backend coding

You dont need a contest for html and css since its the most widely learned and number of tutorials are availble on these topics. Use your skills to create fictious sites and test your skills on ground before venturing out commercially, so you will come to know your weaknesses and you can overcome them by practice.

I am also searching for the projects for html for my web designing work.

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