hi all

i am trying to allow the user to select the folder to store the downloading file using javascript i didnt found input attribute for download like file i try with downloadify.js but its not work their is another way i can do it

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Javascript cannot specify download locations of any file. That would be a serious security problem.

In most cases, I don't see what the problem is letting the user pick themselves where to save downloaded files? What exactly are you trying to do this for? Unless you're doing something malicious I can't see why it would cause a problem.

i am creating editor which automatic add more text to exits file
once user upload the file its go two or more task later it has to store in same folder has user upload from

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This can't be done - thankfully.

for the security reason or any other reason

Folder selection is controlled by the user anyway, by the default handlers in every browser and every OS, there is nothing to be done by you.

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