I'm working on a page that takes credit cards. Everything works great except when the user goes back to place another order, IE/Firefox/etc. saved the form data and is displaying the credit card used previously. Is there a way to prevent a browser from storing (caching) certain fields so this doesn't happen?

I thought about generating a random value and using that as the field name but then I end up having to deal with things like card declines and new field names. Was hoping there was a simpler way...


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Preferably try to make each and every of such pages secure by using ssl.. i.e. https... with this it will not save the form data... and everytime request a new data...


That's the funny thing, the site is SSL yet when i start to type in the field, a dropdown from the browser appears with other things typed in. Doing it for both IE and Firefox. I found AutoComplete="off" but this invalidates the HTML... I would think that if the site is SSL, it wouldn't save things...


It's a setting in the browser, and belongs to the user, not to the web developer. The user must set these values.

AutoComplete= is a nonstandard IE extension. This is why it won't validate.

Can you write empty strings into these fields with your script, before allowing the user to enter values?

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