I want to know that is there any kind of copyright issue when you use child theme? As you know that you can modify child themes as you want. As the child theme is property of any other person can that person raise the copyright issue? Help me in this problem.

When You will Change the colours and use customize Images than theme will be changed. Just focused On Website content, Due to content you will be added in Copyright. Also Child is now free theme you can use it the lision is not required.

I would imagine that it would depend on what theme the child theme is based upon. For example, if you create a child theme from say Twentythirteen then there should be no copyright. But what if it's a child theme based upon a "paid for" theme? what if you're making just minor changes to a theme that someone else spent countless hours developing? Interesting question.

Maybe you can fin something on Gavick website.

If the child theme has been changed or had any work done on it by a person (which it probably has), therefore the changes/work/theme is copyrighted to them.

It will be very clear from the author if you are allowed to use their theme (and if you need to pay for it etc.). If it doesn't clearly say you can use (or pay) for it - copyright DOES apply, so DON'T use it without permission.

If you're not sure, I'm certain the author would prefer you email them and ask.

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