Is this a forum to submit a question on actionscript3.0?
if not. my apologies.
if so:

I made two move clips. one in sepereate layers and an action layer.
I have symblos changing position on these movie clips via keyframes.

What would code look like to write a method to loop through those keyframe a specified number of times and the proceed to the next keyframe that does exactly the same thing yet the symbles are moving differently.

I am farmiliar with java,javascript etc yet I can not grasp manipulating these keyframe.

change your document setting to use AS2 if you insist on using actionscript on the timeline.

on the first frame of the loop set a counter variable and at the end of loop add 1 to the counter var and do an if statement to check the counters value and if it's the number of times you want then goto the next looping set of frames and so on

if you need to use AS3 then look on the net for some tutorials on setting up a document class. there's a good one over at

then in AS3 you'd set up a listener to check the current frame and do your repeating

I am getting frustrated trying to learn AS3.0. I'm a relatively new "Flasher" and I don't know Javascript at all. I'm trying not to learn AS2 since I keep reading that AS3 is so much more efficient. Aside from AS I'm pretty decent with Flash despite my newness. I've even tried reading the Flash help file AS3 section, but that doesn't seem to help enough. Any suggestions. Is there somewhere I can go online that has lessons for a beginner like me?