When completing this form and clicking "agree and submit"it takes me to an error page. This is a new issue and I am unsure how to correct it and unsure what took place to make this happen between yesterday and today.

I did edit an info box within this form but I cannot see how this would effect the "agree and submit" portion.

I am not well versed in html and css. I am volunteering to keep a website up-to-date for a non-profit organization. My knowledge is limited. Anyone willing to help resolve this one issue. I am sure you may need more infomation.

Thank you in advance. Rhonda

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When I hit the submit button the web server generates a 404 error. That means that it could not find the file that was requested.

Verify that the following file is at that location. Looks like a path issue. You have cgi-bin twice in the path.

The requested URL /cgi-bin/cgi-bin/csvwrite.pl was not found on this server.

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Jorge, I have not moved any files. I have no idea what file it is I am looking for b/c the page has been created for so long and has worked fine since I have been doing minor updates for this organization. Would you be willing to look at the code for this page to help me further?

It was set up to send an email of the information filled in...


I did look at the source code. My recommendation is for you to validate the path specified by the click event. I copied te path above. Based on te error message, it indicates that no file exists my that name at that location. Either the file is gone or the path is incorrect. Maybe renamed?


Scratch the note about the click event...i had responded via smartphone and was thinking about another post. In any event, related to your code, the "agree and submit" button is part of a form. The form action is as follows...

<form action="cgi-bin/csvwrite.pl" target="_top" method="post">

however, when you click on the submit button it takes you to


I am not very familiar with CGI myself, but based on the error code being a 404, its definately a path or file issue.

you mentioned that you made an edit to the form. did you possibly remove a "/" before "cgi-bin/csvwrite.pl"?


Thank you Jorge, I will look at it again. I did not make any changes to that area of the code. I removed one of the entry boxes next to the email box.

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