Hi guys, i want to put on my every page an image to represent my website, like wordpress when you share on facebook etc, it's the content part and bellow it's image from his post, i want to do something like this.

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Hi cristian. What I believe you're talking about is called a "favicon," not to be confused with "emoticon." I've never done this before, but I knew what you were talking about, so I looked it up for you. You can find out how to put a favicon in your address bar on this site:

There are two methods, one of which is supposedly easier than the other.

daniuser neah not favicon:) to easy, it's about pixelsoul talk but i don't have platform like wordpress etc., og:image work's on whatever platform?

i used <meta property="og:image" content="myimage.jpg"/> but still dosen't work

I believe there is a bit of a delay on Facebook's side. After you add it to the page, test it out a little later like tomorrow, and see if it works. Also, you might want to put a full url to the image in the meta tag.

Here's another good blog article on it http://davidwalsh.name/facebook-meta-tags

its called a faivon use this code <link rel="icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/ico"/>
to create a favicon u can use this website http://www.favicon.co.uk/

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