When I log in to the site:


using user ID: andrewhsis@hotmail.com
Password: andrew

(Divulging ID and Password for this account doesn't matter)

The tables are displayed nicely in IE, but in Firefox, it doesn't display the table and it seem to stop at the loading page.

I tried the Mozilla validation program, and it came up with around 1000 warnings but no errors. All the warnings seems harmless.

Can anyone help me out?

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The page has no DOCTYPE. That's where you have to start. Once you have a valid DOCTYPE, then you can begin to narrow down the problems.

I don't know much about doctypes, and googling it didn't help because i wasn't sure what it's talking about.
Which doctype should i use?
I tried it all but only
seems to display the page.

Does this mean that the page was written in HTML 3.2?
How can you tell which HTML was used to write the page?

The <doctype> has nothing to do with you the visitor it has everything to do with the developer of that site.

Without it, IE is can go into quirks mode and FF just faints.


I am the developer. I have to make some modifications to the page that was developed by someone else. The problem is that the page isn't displaying properly in firefox.

HTML comes in many flavors, including the XHTML subsets. Each "type" of HTML includes various allowable elements and properties. A browser needs to know which type of HTML your document uses, thus, the "DOCTYPE". If no DOCTYPE is provided, the browser will fall into what is know as "quirks" mode, meaning, they will do whatever the designers of the browser set as the default for any given element. This causes the differences one sees between IE and FF. To prevent this, you must specify a proper, complete doctype. We can't tell you which you should use, because we don't know which HTML specification was used to code the page.

Referece: http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/html/doctype.html

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