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I'm having an issue with emulation check on IE7. For some reason it seems to be ignoring my css and it's completely scrambled. IE5, IE6, IE8, IE9 and beyond looks great. I had to fix alignment issues on divs in IE5+6, but other that they're fine. But IE7 just looks like crap. I'm using my local machine to build my own personal site, so I'm wondering if it's my localhost server? Or if it's a bug in IE's emulation for IE7. I cross browser checked just about every type of browser/resolution there was, but IE7 is just kicking my butt.

Does anyone know of a problem that may cause this?

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IE 11 is out now and lower versions of IE are really bad and quirky. I'd say just let it go. You're looking at less than 1% of all users (and thats without taking your target demographic into account) using IE7.
You have to ask yourself if its worth your time...

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I won't be able to check demographically until I get my site up on my actual website server. I know some hospitals are still using IE7, and most of my customers are senior age and could possibly be using older computers with old IE that hasn't been updated.

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