Does anybody knows any good scrollable dropdown menu without thrid parties?

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What are your needs - pure CSS or JS? Third parties I assume means using a lib/framework like jQuery or mootools?

Yes without Jquery. Pure CSS. Thanks dude,,,,

I found them annoying too. Expecially for users. But i want my users to do a select by country, so there are about 200 countries a user could choose from. How else could i display them? Scrollable list is the best option isnt it?

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So is this a "menu" or a form select widget? The scrollable list is a good option. Other options would be an autosuggest box, but you can get the scrollto functionality by typing the first letter of the country you need in the dropdown when it has the focus.

its a menu with a link that when you press it shows you stuff from the country in question, i think that making an autosuggest box will be -how can i say it- abstract. I mean that by scolling down a menu he/she could see countries and not have to think from which country to check things out. It would be interesting to see things from Beloise when you see the name of the country by scolling than to have to think the country 'Beloise'

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So, did you find anything from all those links from the search result?

yes dude i did it on Saturday. Thanks a lot.

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