hya im wanting to remove the white spage in the pic included so you can see the pattern in the background ive tried putting the following
opacity: 0.4;
filter: alpha(opacity=40);

in the css for this but its not doing anything what will make the white disappear

ty jan x

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yes theres the background image then the logo on top but want where background shows through the white of the logo image hun


uum theres an idea for an App :)

If the white is part of the image you will have to edit it in Photoshop by selecting and deleting the background and save as a .png.

If the white part is the color of the div the image is in did you try setting the background color to transparent in css

.nameOfDivClass{background-color: transparent;}


Magic Wand Tool in photoshop will do the needful...... There are lot of video tutorials on youtube...
Or if its not precise... photoshop has...Pen Tool...

Save as .png image


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Did you manage to get rid of those weird snail trails too? WTF are they?

Let's hope that she's still around after 2 weeks to pick up the image

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