background-image:url('walltheme.jpg') ;

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and what precisely do you wish to accomplish ?
we can translate um canI and maybe, but can't translate blank

And one issue may be from the image is not found?

In CSS we will use Background image by using following:

   body {background-image:url("baby.gif");}

For color

   body {background-color:#6495ed;}
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I'd wait for palanisvasam to come back. There is no question posed with just a dump of some random styling. No point second-guessing his intentions.

palanisvasam may want to know how to change the background image in CSS from one image to another image, and I guess he or she may find the right answer somewhere else.

The OP isn't coming back... she probably found the answer to this question, knowing this is an easy question that can be googled.

body{backgrount:url("image.png") no repeat left bottom 0 0 rgba(0,0,0,0);}

I find this method great for getting an image to cover the while width of a browser:

background:url('example.jpg')no-repeat center center;

If you want to change the the backround image to something else you can just asign the different image to a div class

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Guys I can see this thread turning into a dump of random background css stuff. If you have a neat css solution, consider posting it as a code snippet. Otherwise we'll be seeing this thread bobbing about on this forum's front page like an unwanted t*rd. BTW Jack - it wasn't me that downvoted.

@diafol, if your mod... don't you have the power to close this thread?

commented: Fair point... +14
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@diafol, if your mod... don't you have the power to close this thread?

In reply:

Closing a thread is a pretty serious matter and not done lightly. It is usually reserved for, but not restricted to, when posters are having a spat / flame war. Contributions are still welcome here as long as they are on topic, although admittedly the topic itself is pretty woolly.

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