I have been working on this for a few days now and can not seem to figure it out. I’m no pro webmaster just part time, so bare with me here please.

Ok so what I am doing is creating a new site in FrontPage. What I can’t figure out is how to make a menu file that I would implement into my pages so that when I change it, the change goes “global or on ever page of my site. Additionally I would need know how to implement this into my site. I have read some stuff on make templates but for some reason everything I try doesn’t want to work.

Want I want is to make all of my webpages setup so that the header, side menu and footer can all be changed from three seprate files. This way I wouldn't have to go to each page to make a change to say.. the header.

Please help me here.


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I don't know a thing about FrontPage, so if there's a nifty button to press to accomplish this, someone else will have to chime in.

You're asking in the HTML/JavaScript/CSS forum... but I'll just assume that's because you're lumping all web development together as "HTML". The best answer for your task, though, is to use a server-side include, rather than a script.

A server-side include looks like a comment. In fact, it's a specially-formatted comment that looks like this, for including an HTML file in every page:

<!--#include virtual="/path/to/your/file.html" -->

Note: your web server must be configured to support SSI, so check with your web hosting company. In almost all cases, part of that configuration requires that your files have an ".shtml" extension, rather than ".html".

Another Note: each page that needs to include the file, will need the include directive. However, when you change the code within the header or footer, every page that includes it will get the new version.

PHP and ASP are also server-side options. I have heard of people using javascript to load html files as well.

You can use JavaScript, but that's not the best option, as it forces another server round-trip during the page load.

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