Hi guys,
I just completed my blueprint in webdesign on skillcrush, but still i'm stuck with box model and typography. There is lots of css going on the background. Can i use bootstrap 3 to design any website, it provides a framework i suppose. Is it the right time to learn bootstrap 3 or should i stick with html5 and css3 and hand coding.
Another intimidating software is muse, why the headache of coding when i can do it on a WYSIWYG editor. Lots of thoughts running in my head what to do where to start.
Kindly advise guys.

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There is no "one solution fits all" answer to this. I use Bootstrap 3 (B3) for some projects, hand code others.
Learning HTML5/CSS3 will undoubtedly be of massive benefit to you. After all, in order to lever B3 to appear how you want requires a good understanding of these. The downside of B3 is that, if you use it 'out of the box', then your site will look exactly like a million others. So, you can introduce themes, and there are many sites offering free and paid ones.

I recently had to knock up a personal site to advertise my tuition business and I didn't really have the spare time to hand craft it from scratch, so I used B3 and downloaded a free theme from TemplateGarden - a one-page scolling affair. I'm pretty happy with it (http://ardpont.co.uk/) as it "did what it said on the tin". I probably saved a day or two - time that I spent coding a site from scratch for a client.

Using a B3 theme may seem like an anathema to a web designer, but for a back-end developer like me, without the huge skill set of a front-end developer, it certainly improves my workflow. You get all that responsive goodness too, which is pretty much essential for modern sites. I didn't realise how much until I looked at my site's traffic - 75% of visitors were using mobile or tablet.

Muse - are we talking about Adobe Muse? Never used it. So I can't comment. But if you're looking for an editor, there are free ones out there - not WYSIWYG maybe - but decent Editors / IDEs. I do think that testing in multiple devices and multiple browsers is the way to go though, but perhaps I'm old-fashioned.

So, use B3 by all means, but don't use the default look. Also keep on learning and developing your skills with markup and styling. My 2p.

commented: amazing, so am i use B3 all the time +2

Thats a huge response thank you diafol.

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