Hi, I am wanting to create a website where I can upload daily posts etc. Not sure how I go about doing this, when I google creating a blog it only gives tutorials for the feedback/comment sections on a site, which isn't what I am looking for. I'm assuming i'll need a separate page for writing and uploading posts and then the page that users will view?

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I'm assuming i'll need a separate page for writing and uploading posts and then the page that users will view?

Correct. It isn't very hard to get a basic blog running. You only need a page with an editor to write your articles. Then separate pages to view the list of articles and a single article. Something like this perhaps:


If you google "php mysql blog" you'll get articles and even videos. This one uses PDO which is a good start anyway.

blogger.com is a nice blogging platform from google.

you can create blog content types on Drupal

How is a blog "type" website different from an actual blog?

You can use a blog site, or blog software, to create a non-blog site if you like.
Many people like the features and control offered without creating an actual blog.

Like "ewai1" suggested, Blogger is a convenient hosted platform. So are WordPress and Type Pad, And there are many others.

If you'd like to host your own site, again there are many options.

What is your site about? What features would you like? etc.

You can take advantage of one of the free blog sites (I use blogspot because it has all the usual features with no ads) to set up a blog, and then display it in an iframe on one of your web pages. This means that the blog is well integrated into your site, but gives you an easy way to manage the blog with minimal effort to get it up and running.

I do a self-made blog and enter entries in the HTML code. But margins are a pain. I could create some editing capabilities with C++. Must give that thought, I am good at C++. I like a page of my own, where I can be unique and creative and offer the reader a diverse selection of pictures, links and things of my own creation.

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