Hai, I am work in Sales & Marketing, but i have personaly try to web design, but i don't know HTML Code. so please say: what is HTML Code For Web Design

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Try telling your boss that getting a total beginner to design a web site is not a good idea and not cost effective, as you will spend a long time learning things and make many mistakes. It is very much cheaper to hire someone who knows how to build a site than spend months trying it yourself and failing badly. Your SEo knowledge will be none existant for example, so even if you get a site built, it is extrememly likely that you will have the wrong tags in most places and thus your on-page SEO will be extrememly poor while a professional can do it without haveing to think while building the pages.

Google Definition.

HTML is hypertext markup language that defines your text, fonts, graphics and color effects on your web pages.

HTML for Dummies

Start from w3schools.....HTML > Practice > CSS > Practice > JavaScript > Practice and its only beginning...

Under webdesigning...there are lots to learn...
- Responsive Design
- W3 Valid Markups & CSS
- Faster Load Times
- UX / UI
- etc...

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You learn HTML Code For Web Design from w3school.

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You can laern html code from youtube.

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w3schools isn't an offical website for learning html etc and tends to offer outdated content but would get you the basics to get started,

I would strongly suggest signing up with http://teamtreehouse.com get a trial, they really cover everything in detail without overwhelming you, while still building a great site.

Best of luck

You can learn HTML from W3 school and other sites too. There are lots of references you would find on online

Hi Lord,
You should visit lynda.com
Here you can easily find video courses easily about web designing and development.

HTML is a language. You type in certian, non-english (but almost english) "words" in certian patterns in a plain text file (as in use notepad, not ms-word) and then save that file with the .html file extension instread of the .txt or .doc extenstion. Then if you open it with a webbrowser it'll display a web page.

It would be really nice for your work if you would learn HTML and CSS system. It would help you to understand the front-end developers work. If you want to learn html and css in combination with a design, you can look through web site builders (Wix, Weebly,Mobirise and so on). Usually, they have something like Code Editor. You can change the code just withing the app and see the manupulation with the design layout. It helped me a lot.

As you are a begginer you first need to know what HTML is and what is stand for :

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is actually used to create the webpage and the content that it has, like the images and writing.

For more i'm suggesting you following site which awesomely describes entire flow of web design, what HTML is and how to use it in web design.


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