I need some help, i am new to html and am looking for a way to create a comments page for my blog. my html is limmented and i have dreamweaver and fireworks but no idea how to do it, any help would be greatly apreciated.

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no, i am using my Mac 10.4.7's iweb
very smoth program for easy web develpment but i like to play with every thing which is why i also am using dreamweaver and fireworks. i am hoping for something i can just link my blog page to on my site.


not a mac issue!!!
it is coding and how to code a page that allows comments, you asked how i made the blog page and yes i used a mac but the code is what i want to know, is it possible to create a page that people can leaves comments on using code or what do i need to use to make it


But you are using a MAC blog program, correct? Or did you program the blog page yourself?

If the blog uses PHP, you would need to ask this question in the PHP forum.


If you want a system (regardless of platform or IDE) that allows comments to be stored, and then incorporated into a page, you are developing a "server-side" application.

You have to have some means of storing sumbitted content. That usually means a database. You have to have a language that can talk to the database, and output HTML. That means PHP, ASP, ASP.NET - one of the server-side languages.

You can do your work on a PC or Mac, doesn't matter, but FC Jamison is absolutely correct: you need to learn a server-side programming language, and I echo his recommendation for PHP.

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