Hello folks,

Running into a little confusing thing over here. I am building this web page for press release: https://renardwatches.com/pages/pr-fw17

But as you can see, the 3rd paragraph somehow gets blocked by the image, and i have no idea why. I tried overflow, index, floating, etc but nothing changes.

Anyone who could clear this up?

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I see some nasty inline styles on that p tag and the negative margin-left of 210px is the culprit here.

<p style="margin-left:-210px;padding-top:10%;padding-right:130px;font-size:180%;margin-top:10px;text-align:justify;">
    The RENARD Elite timepieces come with a 35.5 mm and 25.5 mm stainless steel case. The watches have a slightly domed crystal and a vertically brushed champagne coloured dial that elegantly diffuses light reflection. 


get rid of that margin-left:-210px for all content sit on the right side will slove the issue. And please dont use inline to <p>, that's the reason you cant find where the problem is.

Never use inline styling for <p>. It can make the whole page messed up

Format the code and in-line styling do not help everytime.

Hope your issue is solved!!

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