I have this page:


You can see how the top navigation bar with a rounded corner grey button background doesn't fit in in FF2 while in all other browsers(passed in IE6, IE7, FF3, Safari win 3, Opera 9.5 so far), it looks great.

How does one target FF2 to work around a bug? Is this a bug or any idea I can get it fixed and make it consistent in all modern browsers?

I am not aware of any hacks for FF2 like there are with older versions of IE. Firefox follows W3C standards for the most part, unlike IE - so hacks are very hard to come by to target it.

With that said, if it isn't showing right in FF, then you might have an issue with your compatibility and other browsers are compensating.

I did some searching and found this rounded corner that you could use that is compatible with FF2.


Looks great in FF3, What is your screen resolution?