hi my husband is customising a website template and wants to add content over a teransparent image but when he adds the tex it goes underneath how can he do this here is where the image is placed

            `<div id="homepage" class="clear">`
            `<section class="main_slider"><img src="images/demo/1200x400.gif" alt="">`

and a preview of image is in http://swinguk.uk/KEVINWORK/

there is currently no css for the div id home
or section class

if anyone has any ideas be much appreciated ty in advance jan x

<!DOCTYPE html>
            .centered {
              position: absolute;
              top: 50%;
              left: 50%;
              transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
< body>
    <div class="container">
          <img src="img.jpg" alt="img" style="width:100%;">
          <div class="centered">center</div>
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