This is my first web page so be gentle.

the images and links work fine in a browser from the server.

but across network only one out of 5 jpg show. And none of the links work, the address bar points the links to, obviously all the bar should say is when opened.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Without seeing the site, it's hard to tell. It sounds like you have an issue with "paths". You can have an absolute path, or a relative path. In almost all cases, you should use a relative path for your "local" files, those images and files that are part of your site.

So, step 1: do some research on "relative paths" and see if you can resolve the problem. If not,

step 2: respond with either a link to your site, or a very small snippet of your code, something with one of the failing images or links in it.

Web development is a lot of fun, I think. Welcome to the site and to the world of web development.

Thanks for the help, and yes it is fun.

<img src="acerp.jpg" alt"A+" width="250" height="75" /> and a Network+ certification <img src="networkcerp.jpg" alt="Net+" width="250" height="75" />

The 1st image is seen cross networks, the second is only seen on local machine.

The links i fixed, I just happen to mispell on all of them, going too fast its a duh i know.

I see nothing wrong with that code. Both image tags are properly formed. As long as the images are truly located in the same folder as that page, you should see them.

You might check the permissions of each graphic, though I'm not sure what setting would prevent the graphic from being seen...

Is the site private, or can you give as a link to it?

I'm not sure it's not complete.

Server is at home, i'm at work. so i can't check the file permissions. I'd assume its in the folder cause it can be pulled up from the server itself.

This works for me, it should for you I'm still working on the Dynamic DNS through

thanks again for the time.

I've narrowed it down to being a server problem, not a script problem.

The images show out of the file on a windows workstation, and IE.

My server runs linux and firefox. Last night I made some changes to the links and realized that the images don't show up on that computer. But they do on my windows laptop if I just read the files from a key.

So I'll investigate the server.

It was the case sensitivity. Not of the file names but the file extensions.

.jpg is different than .JPG

I suck

A common mistake, trust me! Thank you for completing the thread, though. Mistakes are just as instructive as tutorials.

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