I'm trying to make a simple popup page appear every time a user visits a particular page on my website. I want to make sure that the user reads the message in the popup, so I would like the popup to be superimposed on the webpage that called the popup. Basically, I want to have something like the last sample on this website:
The only difference is that I want this to happen every time a user goes to the particular page.

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Why would you want to annoy your visitors like that?

you can do it by calling a Javascript function which opens the window on the load of the page...
there is an attribute onLoad with the <body tag....you can use that.......

but be very sure that the popup has to open everytime the page is viewed......

You can use window.open() . I suggest using a DIV, instead. For an example, look at any of my technical articles. Click the header, and a popup regarding the logo appears. All the CSS and scripts can be found by viewing the source on an article page.

Hi uxohus2b,
As new browsers do have pop-up blocker, then willing to open a new pop-up window is not good idea.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions.

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