Hi there, I have been searching all afternoon to find a board or forum online to give me some help. It looks like a really technical site here so my questions may bore the experts here but here it goes.

How do I unzip a file? and once its unzipped how to I see it? for example a flash file. I have winzip i think on my pc, and it didnt work so i uploaded another one, and well nothing I have no idea its like talking spanish to someone who does not know the language.

Also well... i guess thats all i want to know for now if you can direct me to a really simple site that doesnt mind answering novice questions that would be great. All of it on this site looks waay to technical so much so I didnt even know where to post this.

So any help please, would be appreciated. Also how do I set up wordpress? in laymans terms? I want to design my own blog to go on a website next year.

Kelly x:rolleyes:

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Ok, I am gonna guess that you have windows Xp and WinZip (because you said you did):

  1. Open My Documents
  2. Find the file that is zipped up
  3. Right Click on the zipped file.
  4. Roll your mouse over Winzip
  5. Then on the pop out menu select "Extract to.."
  6. Choose the folder that you want your flash file in this case to be in
  7. Click Extract
  8. You can then find and open the file from where you "extracted" it to.


Btw you need Flash 8 to open this file.
To download winzip eval go to http://www.download.com/3000-2250-10003164.html.

I hope this helps


To create a wordpress blog:

  1. Got to http://www.wordpress.com
  2. Select "Sign Up" from the navigation bar at the top of the page
  3. Follow the signing up process and you will learn how to create a blog as you go.