Hello There,

I am looking for a hosting solution for a small company where we are looking for a Provider to host our graphics and multimedia content for our websites. For performance reasons we are looking for a distributed system, where clients are automatically connected to the fastest server in there nearest region.

Our webpages are graphicly rich in content. The content is manly small images and small tutorial videos etc. It largely reminds static with updates occuring ever week or so.

The problem we have is we are a small company, and only have perhaps 600MB of content @ 100MB a week download. I have contacted companies like Akamai, But I have not got any response. I guess they don't smell the money in our budget. ;-)

Any suggestions would be welcome.



Hi there,

In today's world, Physical distance doesn't matter much. So you could go for any server you like.

Try to get a Linux server.

We also offer hosting solution, Drop me a line at my email address for a quote.