Hi, I am new at this, I'm in the process of designing a website but has run into snags. I have several images downloaded in my site. However, when I try to apply lables to the images, they don't appear on the html or website. Strangely, when I refer back to my server directory, it displays the files with the lables I added. I am using infraview as my image editer. I will provide more info when my issue is addressed by the community.

What am I doing wrong???:?:

What do you mean by adding labels? I'm not quite sure what you mean. A link to your site might also be helpful.

hi lrjpgms62758,

Not sure if this information will still be helpful since it's been awhile since your post.
OK down to the problem,if you using html, add the alt attribute.

<img src="www.soccer.com/about us/sponsors/mtn_2.jpg" width="102" height="65" alt="imagename" />

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If you actually want captions, you have to use p tags (or equivalent) before or after the image.

Errr, no.

<p> is a line break
<atl> is for caption [Alternative Text]

Thing is (only noticed now) alt tag wont solve your problem, because it pulls the image directly from the server. Which in theory, your filename determines the downloaded filename. Doesn't actually make any sense

I mean that if he wants to put a caption on the image, so every web user sees it as part of the page (instead of having to play with the mouse to read it), he needs to put the caption in a paragraph. See captions on images on this page:


p tags are NOT line breaks. They surround paragraphs.

true, ma bad. <br> is line break.