I have used this suckerfish menu found here for one of my websites.

I have made some changes and things to it, but for some reason when I use it on my site, it will not "open" until the entire webpage has been downloaded to the user's computer.

Is there anyway to have the menu loaded first so that it will work without having the site downloaded?

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

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That's completely typical. I really wouldn't worry about it all. Users, as a group, are used to the way the web works and understand they have to wait for a page to load before it can be fully functional.

What I'd be more concerned about is, why is your page taking so long to load?

Hmm...I have never noticed this problem...but I have high speed DSL. Are you sure there is not an onload function floating aruond in there somewhere that tells the browser to wait until the page is loaded to process the menu script?

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Before scripts can work as expected, the page and the underlying DOM have to load. There is an "load" event, of course, which can be tied to the page, typically in the body element with the "onload" event handler.

Another technique is to relocate your scripts from the head section to just before the closing body tag.

Sometimes that onload is snuck into the .js file (I do this a lot).

hmm... it did not have one originally. I till try to put one in and see. Thanks for the tips.

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