One of my friend can do a magic with google and it had really surprised me. What he was doing, he sold his laptop and it was sony vio 350. When ever you type in google "sony vio laptop" or "model number" then in the 10 top results link you see his phone number. How is this possible bcz google take atleast 6 months to target your site or link.

Several factors, I think. Its all Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

yeh but how. can u plz explain

No, I am not an SEO expert. Mastering SEO takes lots of time and labour. Get some good books or google for some good nice articles.

Google does NOT take months to find your site. Mine show up within 24 hours.

How it gets the top 10 location is that more people looked at his page. That magic is that he put the stuff people are looking for in his page, plus maybe a meta tag right after the title tags: <meta name="keywords" content="sony, vio, 350, laptop" />

firstly, have to agree with midi, doesnt take months, its a matter of days. As for results appearing in the top10, he probably posted his ad on alot of sites, google bases results on number of links and lots of other factors. NO MORE uses meta data.

Ah even i didnt know that, i specialize in swach engines and web design, however when i learnt seo it only used meta lol. Thanks for saying that