Hey everyone, I'm having some troubles gathering a color palette I like. I need 2 for companies my Dad owns and wants developed. Just simple sites with a little info and contact stuff.

I was wondering if anyone has seen any good sites that might have some colors I can draw from, so far the Safety Orange is a little too orange for me taste. Than

I'm going to suggest that color schemes you like aren't important. Color schemes that the viewer can live with are the key.

First of all, chosen colors should be web-safe. That is, the colors should be reproduced accurately (or very, very closely) by virtually every browser that your audience might use.

Modern systems can produce about lebenty-zillion colors, most of which the human eye cannot distinguish from nearby colors. As a matter of practicalicy, you have less than 256 colors to choose from that are highly likely to produce the effect you desire. When a browser cannot reproduce a non-web-safe color directly it resorts to dithering. Dithering is mainly a no-no.

If you're not into color theory there are many, many sites that will offer you the chance to select a major color, and then provide you with complementary colors that don't clash, but supplement your primary choice.

If you don't know exactly how this works, you might Google color wheels, or complementary colors, or some such.