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Yes. There is no difference between file types in file uploads. The browser and server do not care what file type it is. Only your server side code does.


This is most likely one of these:

- The browser doesn't have the right player.

- The file is too big for the cache or the ISP.

- The ISP is blocking certain file types.

- You have a case error in the filename.

- It is taking too long to download.


Here is a dreamlinestudio tutorial on how to upload a flash website, it's a flash tutorial but I followed it using my static html files and worked just fine. I doing like reading, viewing it makes it super easy for me.

Upload A Website


Is there same method to upload a flash animated file as to upload an image?

kindly reply soon..?

Follow these steps while handling you r flash.
1. you make sure you reduce the size of the flash as far as you can
2. you make sure you publish you flash from .fla to .swf
OR instead of 2. above you select export > movie from the file menu.
in export dialog box, change the version of flash player to smaller ones like from 8 to 4.
it may be that the browser does not support the current player.


You use old version of flash. Then your html editor is later version. It will not display because of incompatibility. Another reason is you are not uploading java script generated by the dreamweaver to run the swf file.

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