Gettin’ Over by David Guetta featuring Chris Willis was the one billionth track unknown song identified by Shazam, the mobile music discovery app. Yep, that's right, one billion unknown songs have now been successfully identified by the thing, which is quite an impressive number.

Almost as impressive as the climb from 50 million users just six months ago to a staggering 76 million users today, and a footprint in more than 200 countries across continents. How many mobile services can claim a 100 percent growth in membership in a year, especially when they are not a startup but a well established business with some ten years history behind them?

Andrew Fisher, Shazam’s CEO commented "Shazam is now a brand that consumers know and trust and our one billionth tag is testament to our ever growing fan base of users that enjoy Shazam’s unrivalled music experience. We are confident that the user growth we have seen in the last six months will continue throughout 2010 and that we will exceed 100 million Shazamers by the end of the year".