I'm still "managing" with Windows Me on my pc and just now trying to find an mp3 player but all of them seem to require Windows XP and above. Can anyone steer me to any mp3 players that will work with Windows Me?

btw - also considering a Blackberry but unsure if it will function with Me either?

T.sonic 630 (2 GB) is compatible, I just started loading it up for one of my sons, i also bought an iriver E100, but it will be back-burnered as a certain dll file is preventing the software from loading properly, also it made my puter crash when I hooked it up to my USB bus, I still run Me and it's growing more frustrating each time I want to buy something I usually have to buy something really old.

The i river manual says it's compatible with windows 2000/XP and vista, Linux, so until I buy a more recent computer with XP, (I've heard that vista is more problematic and that XP is better?) or the dredded vista, I'm going to look for at least a 4GB MP3 player so I won't have to maintain my son's music downloads as much, especially if recording with the T.sonic 630 through a line-in jack off the TV works for him.

yeah the usb support in ME isnt that great

you wont have much luck if any with any flashy players like sonys, irivers etc.. but the cheapo ones that are basically memory sticks may work fine as ME has basic support for USB mass storage devices

Dont think the blakckbery will work.

Most drivers are for NT Based systems (2000/xp/vista) not old DOS based ones so not much will run on ME anymore.