Shut up about your exploding iTouch or we will sue

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Now if you had invested in an Apple iPod Touch and it, well, exploded after you dropped it you probably would not be too happy about. You probably would contact Apple and explain what had happened, and you might be happy to accept a refund. But what if that refund came tied to a signed settlement agreement which legally bound you not to mention what had happened to anyone?

That's what one unhappy chap is claiming happened after the iTouch he bought for his 11 year old daughter went up in flames. Apparently he dropped it, it then started hissing and then he saw what he describes as 'vapour' coming from the device so he chucking it on the floor. 30 seconds later it went up with a bang, and ended being thrown some 10 feet into the air according to reports. This is not thew first time an Apple mobile device has become hot stuff of course.

It would appear that after talking to Apple on the telephone, the man was sent a standard 'deny liability but have your money back anyway' letter which he refused to sign as it also required him and his daughter not to talk about the exploding iTouch to anyone or Apple would seek damages through the courts.

Charming, I am sure.

Apple has declined to comment further on the story at this point in time. Mind you, it probably has other things on its mind after Google declared war on the company earlier today.