First let's get something out of the way - I love the iPad. Every other blogger has shared their opinion so for me it's the eReader that does about ten times as much for only 150 per cent of the price. It's also the first games platform that's going to be able to cope with board games properly.

But I'm not writing about that - today is all about the opportunists and what they're up to with the device. A lot of people are searching for info on the iPad as you can imagine - not that there's any more solid info than Apple has already released - and scammers are redirecting them to malware sites.

There is of course every chance that everyone who reads this blog and who is a member of this community is already too clued-up to fall for any such redirection or fakery. But colleagues and families might not be, so when there's this sort of information feeding frenzy there's never been a better time to make sure everyone's security suite is completely up to date.