I want to purchase a dell Inspiron laptop with one Core 2 Duo T6600(2.2 Ghz/800 FSB/2 MB Cache) or Core i3-330M (2.13 Ghz/4 threads/3 MB cache).
I also find there comparison on the intel site with link


but due to lack of technical knowledge about processors I am not able to decide as Core i3-330M is also new.
So, plz tell me which one should I choose and why??

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I would go for the i3-330M. It has hyper-threading which means that even though it is a dual core processor it has 4 threads, so it has 2 virtual cores as well as 2 physical. It also has more cache so it will be quicker for all those everyday tasks.
However it does depend on what you are going to be using your computer for. No need to spend extra if you dont need the extra benefits.

I use core i3 330m processor, and I have investigated on T-6600 processor as well.
According to benchmark tests, T6600 is a very good processor compared to its price and fellow processor models............. It is certainly a processor that offer a great value for the money you spent
But Intel is not anymore releasing Core 2duo processors(if I'm correct)

The followings are the key points I believe why one should go for core i3
1) 3MB cache compared to 2MB in T6600
2) 2 core-4 threads capability where as T6600 - 2 core-2 threads
3) Core i3 processors comes with built in memory I/O controller(North bridge), with resulting no FSB(Front side bus) and hence lower memory latency (FSB is the data path between the processor and the memory controller which is normally in the motherboard)
4) Ability to go for higher memory bandwidths(1066MHz)
5) 32 nm technology compared to 45 nm technology in core 2 duo, which resulting lower power consumption and lower heat emission

thanks for all ur reply but ive heard that many applicaions are not supported by corei3...is that true?

ive planned to buy Dell inspiron14 with corei3 330m 2.13Ghz.but both corei3 and core2duo comes for the same price 35K.confused in chosing between them....which one will go fine for home use...

Thanks in advance....

hello all, i also plan to buy a fujitsu laptop with the icore i3 330 m. i am currently using windows xp on a hp core 2 dua laptop. i was wondering if all my applications will run on this new processor. i run oracle based programs , ms outlook, all office software and many other communication software. would appreciate any advise on whether i might bump into problems if i switch to the icore processor.

some applications dont support hyperthreading, not to be confused with no support what soever. This just means that hyperthreading wont make a difference with those applications. they will still run.

Any problems you run into will most likely be due to a switch to windows 7 from xp rather than a change in processor.

im not sure who the retard was that told you that....but whatponomous said is true...Its like games today...With a dual-core or quad-core many games still only run on one core, but does that mean its not supported..Nope...Hence the hyperthreading...It doesn't utilize it, however you can still use it and the i3 will still be faster...Don't think without hyperthread support that those applications will be slower...and also The core i3 has just come out...therefore your laptop will lbe up to date for several years...unlike the core 2 duo's which are due to be replaced...

i am a gamer and want too play high spec games i am getting a samsang r580 laptop with 4gb ram core i3 proceser nvida 512 graphics 500 gb hard drive but i am in a problem weather to chose a proceser with core 2 duo or a one with core i5 keep in mind that the price factor but will it actual make a big diffrence in the 3 proceser ?


First off, forum rules, make your own thread when you have a question.

Also your question is confusing.... nvidia 512 graphics doesn't exist.... if you meant 512 mb of graphics ram thats another thing. I think i found what you were looking at (Nvidia 310M) and this graphics card will run CODMW2 in low settings and cant handle games like GTA4.

Also core 2 duo is a different cpu architecture from i3, not the same you seem to be asking about 3 different processors; core 2 duo, i3, and i5. For high end gaming, more relies on the graphics card than the processor. There are a bunch of different things that could effect performance based on which i5 you choose. low end i5's only notice a minimal performance difference when compared to i3's. That changes based on the i5 though.

Last, if you really want to play high spec games, dont get a laptop, your going to bottleneck in other areas...

I think you should choose Core i3 because some reason:

1. it's using 32nm technical
2. it very strong and faster than core 2 duo
3. also it's cheaper than core 2 duo

is there a posibility that i can upgrade my core2duo to i3 with the same motherboard? duno my laptop motherboard if it support the i3.. by the way my laptop is a msi gx620...

no, they are different sockets, it will not work.

Please tell me does intel core i3-330M supports Windows XP? i mean can i install win xp on intel core i3-330M.

yes, i3 "supports" xp, please read the other page of this thread, your question had already been answered.

yes you can. Not depend on processor type

XP can installed on i3 processor too. What O/S can installed in computer not depend on processor type.
I have installed some O/S in my Acer 4740 notebook with i3 processor inside.
All are run normally.... believe me.

XP can installed on i3 processor too. What O/S can installed in computer not depend on processor type.
I have installed some O/S (Windows Server 2003, Win XP, Win 7) in my Acer 4740 notebook with i3 processor inside.
All are run normally.... believe me.

I think Core i3-330M is better though it is new but i read many reviews and it is quite impressive.

But check out the core i5 also. Its new and latest

go for core i3 no doubt. whats the use of buying a 3yr old model? core 2 duos are retiring, and core i-series will be the latest today and for years. do you like to have a brand new laptop with an old retiring technology inside? dont be to confuse on buying something, dont be bothered of it being new and will not be compatible to many, because soon everything will come to it and require it. i think you should be bothered of having an older technology and soon everything will be higher and your'e system will be left behind, am i right? the rule of thumb is you buy whats new, never buy an old, or else you will be left behind by everyone who has and will have the latest. technology always gets better year after year, it was never stable.

i am a rapper.. so i need to use music software's to make songs. so which processor will be suitable for me. i3 or core 2 dua. plssssss help me.

if the ans is i3 then should i go for dell inspiron 1416 or Fujitsu LH530 or asus or any other ??

plssssss............help me..plsssssssssss.....

ans her or mail me.. mc_freak@ymail.com
thank you.

the i3 would be better since it has hyperthreading (acts like a quad core processor) which would speed up music renders and edits since most music programs (such as ableton) support quad core processors.

However you would be even better off with a true quad core processor such as the i5.

What we really need to know is your budget for a computer and what you are looking to do with it exactly (ie what music programs you are planning on running, what music hardware you are attaching)

I have installed XP Service pack 2 with my i3 processor for Acer laptop but it is dam slow, i am worries. It is taking more than 3 minutes to boot and taking more than 12 minuets to copy 1 GB file from one drive to another. I am worried. Is there any solution to install XP.

go for i3 processor rather than core 2 duo processor, since it is highly sophisticated, better and
specific in configuration and processing speed. And the heat generated by the processor is less compare to core 2 duo processor.

hello everybody
i think if it was cheeper it would be not as well as core 2duo that what i think for
and all have his adea

Take AMD Athlon II X3 425 and enjoy it!

ive heard that many applicaions are not supported by corei3...is that true?

I think core i3-330M.
core i3-350M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 14", W7HP

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I would go for the i3-330M

Mine is core i3-350M

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