Here are my computer's Specifications:

*Asus A8R-MVP Crossfire Ready Mother Board socket 939
*AMD 64 Bit 3500+ CPU
*(2x) ATI x850 Crossfire Edition 256 Videocards (I believe these are the source of the problem in some way)
*Dual Channel DDR400 Ram, 1GB
*Volcanic 630w Power Supply
*80GB Hard Drive (Taken from another computer, was going to reformat with windows during boot up)

Okay, so heres the problem. I just assembled my new computer. I have everything plugged in and ready to go, and when I power up the computer, it powers up and starts normally. (All fans start, Motherboard Light is On, etc.)


My monitor will not come out of sleep/stand by mode, and I have tried 2 different monitors with the same results, so I'm not sure if my computer is booting up correctly, or I'm getting huge hard drive/bios/cpu/etc errors.

Although, the BIOS does beep once (some what long and drawn out) almost immediately after power on, but I'm not sure if this an error beep or if its just the beep from the self power test.

Also, I completely disassembled and reassembled the computer checking for any obvious damage to the mother board, and looking for any place were the motherboard may tounching the case and causing it to short. But, everything looks fine. I've also tried starting it up with 1 video card installed, and both installed, same results.

I also noticed after I power it up, and let it run say 20 to 30 seconds, and press the power off button, I have to hold it for 6 seconds before it actually shuts the computer down, rather then instantly turning off like it would if it was in BIOS. This leads me to believe it is booting up and getting past BIOS and POST, but for some reason it just won't display it due to the unknown reason.

Now, here are things I know arn't causing the issue.

** have ensured all power plugs are indeed plugged in **
-> All Fan Cords (CPU, System, etc)
-> Each pci-e 6-pin video card plug
-> The MB's Main Power Plug, 4-pin plug, & pci slots power plug.
-> And Obviously the hard drive and as well as CD-Rom.

Am I missing something incredably obvious? (Oh, and Monitor has power and connected. )

One thing I was unsure of, is if I need to originally boot up the computer with both videocards installed, or with only one in the master slot and the provided switch card inserted into the slave slot (Installing the second card at a later date).

**Or** Even more scary, if there are actually 2 different versions of the ATI x850 Crossfire videocard (one being master, other being slave).

I spent a good amount of my hard earned money to buy these parts, and now feel helpless and sad (not too mention completely broke) that I cant get the computer to boot properly.

If anyone could give me a hand I would *deeply* appreciate it.

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Try it with only one video card. It might be conflicting which to start up to for some reason. Do you have on board video as well? It may have defaulted to that.

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