Hey everyone, this is my first post, so I wanted to say high. I have a problem, my computer I just built will not boot now. I had it up and running, then I got new monitor and I got that all set up and everything was fine. I then tucked the wires away, and brought it to my desk, set everything up and then it would not boot. When I hit the power button the HD led lights up, but nothing happens. All the fans come on, the video card's fan is blowing full blast, but thats all that happenes. To turn it off i have to kill the power on the PSU. One time it came up and gave some error message that the overclock was unsuccessful, but the thing is i havent tried to overclock anything. When that booted up i thought everything was ok so i started to install Call of Duty2 and it crashed and then would not boot again.

can anyone help?! thanks!!


here are the specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+

Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe

Enermax Liberty 500w

Saphire Radeon X850XT

WD 250gb SATA HD

2GB Corsair XMS

dvdrw and a cd drive

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Open up your case and 'RESET' the BIOS to defaults and see if it will turn on. If so, could have been a bad BIOS setting.

Also, check all your cables (internal and external) ;)

RESET BIOS, how? Ive taken out the battery on the MoBo and left it out for about 20min tried it again, still nothing. Ive changed PCI-E slots still nothing. Ive also taken everything else out of the computer so im just booting mobo, vga, and ram.


There should be a jumper on the board itself. Also, remeber to take the plug out from the power supply.

what should the jumper look like=?

It should be labeled on the motherboard, take a look at the manual that came with it.

ok i followed the instructions in the mobo manual, but im still getting the same thing...

So what happens now exactly? Is your PC speaker plugged into the motherboard? If not, please plug it in and turn your computer on -- are there any 'beeps'?

no beeps, as soon as i hit the power button the cpu fan and the graphics card fan come on but nothing ever happens, and to turn it off i have to kill the power from the psu. the video cards fan is coming on full blast and stays like that until i kill the power. Is there a way to reset all the settings for the vga

Remove the video card, any beeps? If not, keep the video card out and remove the memory. Let me know.

i removed the video card and still no beeps but the samething happens. remove all the memory? should i keep the keyboard plugged in?

So you've removed the video card and no beeps... Sounds like it COULD be your CPU. Let's make sure it's properly seated; which means remove, and re-install. When re-installing the CPU put a little pressure on the top with your finger and lower the leaver.

do i need to remove the stock heatsink/fan? if i do does that mean i need to also get some thermal paste?

Yes, the heatsink & fan must be removed to access the CPU. As for getting more paste, sure, add a drop where your finger went.

ok...I reset the CPU and still I still get the same thing. With no video card I get no beeps, i started it up with the memory taken out, still no beeps. What should i try now.

Sounds like either your MOBO or CPU are dead... Is the fan in your power supply spinning?

Looks like it's down to MBO, CPU & PSU.

Did you try to reconnect the power supply cables to the MBO. You did mention that you "tucked the wires away". Maybe you just loosned the power socket on your MBO.

Hey man it seems like you have a bad motherboard or a bad cpu i sugest you take back both cpu and motherboard to where you both them and let them test both of them and they should be able to tell you which is bad.

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