Hi. About a year ago, a friend helped build me a new PC using some old PC parts he had. It worked great up until now, though.
So today, I leave the computer to grab something to eat from the fridge, but when I come back, I find my monitor display all... scrambled. I guess that's the way to describe it. So I ry to ctrl al del, then alt-tab, and I get nothing. I assumed it was my computer, so turned it off and then back on. However, immediately, my monitor began to display "no signal". I checked the cables, made sure they were nice and secure. They were. I switched between a DVI and VGA connection to my video card, and both displayed no signal. Thinking something might be wrong with my PC, I opened it up, cleaned up the bit of dust there was, and then with the case still open, turned it on. Now, the fan on my GPU was still working, so I took that as a roug sign it was still working.

Thinking it may be my monitor, I took it to another PC in the house, and it worked just fine.

Now, I'm not great with computers, so the only thing I can guess is that the card was overheating (it's very hot in my room, but I turn the PC off every night), or maybe fried, the cables I was using are messed up somehow (even though they're brand new as I got a new monitor just a few months ago), or I need to update the driver, as for the past few days Catalyst kept trying to update but I kept pushing it off. I guess the next step would be to find a spare video card and try that on my PC, see if it works. But I could really use some advice from people who know a lot more than I.

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- Check your memory card and graphics card, whether they arre well seated.
- Check the Power supply unit(PSU).verify whether the fan is running.
- Replace the 3v motherboard battery.

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The fan is running. As far as I can tell, all my fans are funcitoning. I just removed my graphics card and put it back in, so it should be well seated. Going to try again in a moment.

Edit: No luck, sill no signal.

I took out the battery, then put it back in. Nothing happened. Did the same for the RAM, nothing. Replaced the battery and no luck. The power supply fan is working.

I actually just noticed something. I had been paying attention to the fans mounted to my case, and the one on my graphics card and CPU. However, I just realized that when I turned on my PC, the fan on my PSU wasn't spinning up. Could this all be because my PSU died?

check whether the graphic card is properly attached with its slot. also do check the wire going behind the monitor. there is also a possiblity that the tube inside the PC monitor is gone or fused.

The graphics card is properly attached. The fan spins up and everything, though I don't have an alternate card to test on the PC. I noticed my power supply wasn't powering up, so I took what money I had and bought a new one..

Got it today, hooked it up, and... exact same problem. So I'm pretty sure it's my motherboard, which is the last thing I wanted.

then as you said, its the problem with the power supply from your motherboard. do update with the current situation.

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