Earlier today I downloaded a game recording client from wegame.com and macromedia flash 8. After both were done my computer froze up so i had to reset. Everything seemed fine so i started working on macromedia. In the middle of me working on it the monitor turned black and said that there was no input signal. The computer turns on fine, but there is no input signal for the monitor, and i can't get the keyboard to connect, the number lock and caps lock wont flash or turn on. I'm not sure if it could be a virus from wegame.com or a video card problem, or some other computer part problem.


Do you get anything displayed at all before booting into your operating system, e.g. boot up messages, logos etc...

Can you enter BIOS?
Which opearating system are you using?

hi good day i have similar problem with you. but the diffences is sometime the monitor says press f8 to ..... then press del to inter set up something like that but still i cant do because the keyboard cant be detected. i tried another keyboard but still the same problem . by the way im using service pack 2 windws xp 2007. ive tried to detach the video card and returned it several times but still not working. when i plug the keybord it will litgh for 2 sec. only and dont ligth again.

so please any one can help us????


Do you get anything displayed at all before booting into your operating system, e.g. boot up messages, logos etc...

Can you enter BIOS?
Which opearating system are you using?

I dont get any type of messages, just the monitor saying that there is no signal. I have tried putting the volume up all the way and see if the sound that windows makes when it boots up will sound, but the way my computer works i have to press a button before it can actually start up, so im really not sure. I do know that the hard drive does turn over.


Does the computer beep or anything when you turn the PC on?
Have you any other graphics cards to try?
Have you tried different monitors and cables?
Do you have dedicated graphics, onboard or both?

- Let us know how it goes

I have the same problem as soon as I boot I get the floating no video input and it continues to peep there is no key board and I can not get to bios I have been told it is the video card just plain old given up! get a new one!! is this true

if you can see the bios your video card is fine if not try to plug your display to onblard VGA slot. if that does not work. check if the display is fine and check your board as well.

Some times if we install software or games that will reset all our registry setup and windows default setup.See ur system will not burn down bcos u installed a s/w.
So best ay try to resore your system to a back date.
another option is try to install or repair ur os withwindows cd.

it seems s/ w problem.

Out of a clear blue sky my pc screen freezes and when I reboot it sometimes comes back on and works. But when it doesn't I get a message on the monitor no input signal. I discovered that when I turn the monitor power switch on and off a couple of times and try to start up again, it will start and work fine.

To solve my no input signal problem, I opened the tower and thoroughly cleaned the dust from in side. I was advised the the reason I was having a problem was because of the dust accumulation, the motherboard was overheating, causing my screen to freeze and forcing my to reboot. Until the machine had a chance to cool down, I could not get the pc to work and got the no input signal message on the monitor when I tried to restart.

its may be smps promlem

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this problem releted with ram or board

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