Hello all,working on a gateway laptop,the lcd jumps and has small white horizontal lines that don't go all the way across, but come from both sides,all over the screen ,like static interference,laptop would eventually lock up .but will work and keep running when hooked to my desktop computers monitor.I have been running scans and uninstalling programs for about 3or4 hrs now with it hooked to monitor,switched over to laptop and with in 2 min freezes for awhile and comes back ,right now i use fn/f4 to switch back to laptop ,it stays for about 30 sec,and switches back on its own.when i first go to laptop lcd shows dim ,gets brighter then starts to bounce/flicker ,takes about 15 seconds,thanks

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well hello caperjack.
I had someting like that happen to me but then after a couple weeks my backlight went out and you could see the icons and desktop when u looked close. Well What i think the problem is the inverter or the cable that runs to the monitor from the inverter may be goin bad. Its not your video card cause it works on a differnt monitor. Well this is what i belive it is and you may want to take it to a local tec to get those parts replaced.
Hope this helps.

I had a thinkpad that once got random black lines coming from both sides and the screen used to wobble (sounds like whar you have). I replaced the inverter and cable and it worked fine. It only began happening after I dropped it.

thanks for the responses ,i agree with both comments ,and after a closer look the lines are black and white .will look for a inverter and cable thanks

Good morning ,I just turned on the laptop ,running on battery power ,no lines but a little shake ,plug it in and i get more shake and the lines appear.

yeah thats what it was like for me, i think the cables got loose when it was dropped. did you drop yours?

yeah thats what it was like for me, i think the cables got loose when it was dropped. did you drop yours?

its not mine ,belongs to a friend of a friend lol
he's in the army so most likely got a ruff go .it started shaking and the lines reappeared again after running for awhile.

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