Hi all
I have been given a Gatway Solo 9550 which is just beaut for my boat building workshop and runs win 2000 real well (and my cad program)
But, it has a significant display problem.
The left 1/2 of the screen is fine, bright, sharp, pic etc then the next 1" is a vertical strip of the start of the left side ( Start, programs, documents,etc and its a bit jumbeled ) then the remainder is a repeat of the left side again and reasonable clear.
There appear to be no really dead areas of display just repeats of left 1/2 side.
I connected another LCD display and it works fine with no mirror image.
I have removed inspected and reinserted the ribbon cable with no affect
I have updated drivers and have installed up to service pack 4(win 2000)
As I dont have another ribbon cable I could try to test individual wires with an ohme meter. From what I can find out, the video card is part of the mother board so any Ideas as to this problem any one or just a good guess might help (obviously Im trying to convince myself its not the LCD)
Steve Marshall

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I think you lower down your resolution a bit and see what changes are coming up! I dunno if this works but just give a try

Thanks Shouvik.d for your reply
I did try lowering the resolution but got no change in the problem
The problem initially, just sort of occurred out of the blue with no changes being made to settings etc On pulling the key board to remove and inspect ribbon cable there was no sign of water or coffee input and all keyboard keys appear free !!??
Thanks for that input
Steve Marshall

Ok let us see it this way. Use a Linux Live CD and boot your Laptop up with it. Then see if the problem recurrs again. If yes then probably there is a permanent damage to the Graphics Circuitry/atleast the LCD Ribbon.

If not then there is some problem with the current OS Drivers u are using(less likely to happen though)

Just give it a try and see

Thanks Shouvik.d for getting back again can I get the Linux Live on the web and will I go right over the top of my Win 2000 Ill sure give it a go
Steve M

well u can get a free copy of Linux Live CDs from http://shipit.ubuntu.com but it might take some time. If you have sufficiently high speed connecttion please download any live CD Iso image from http://www.distromania.com and burn it in a CD. next u can simply boot from the CD Directly.

But mostly Magazines like Linux4u and Linux World supply distros of Linux with their complementary DVD/CD so you can catch hold of a copy from you colleagues/friends.

By this method you need not disturb the current setup files at all(Win2000).


Thanks Shouvik.d
I just got back to recive your reply and will down load Linex live now and give it a shot
Ill let you know results
Steve Marshall

Hi Shouvic.d
I down loaded both the Ubuntu and Linex live cd router and after down loading "Burnatonce" was abale to get them correctly burned to CD
I can get them (both discs) to start on my PC (running win XP ) but can not get them to boot on laptop (WIN 2000 ?)
Boot sequence is correct on laptop with CD-ROM First
I did just notice an error message on start up (on laptop )
Do you think this could be of significance and is it referring to the display cable ??
Thanks Steve Marshall

Hi Shouvic.d
Do you think this could be of significance and is it referring to the display cable ??

Well this is really strange. PXE stands for Preboot Execution Environment. And it has nothing to do with the LCD ribbon. To add to the incredibility of this situation I could fing nothing in Google on searchin PXE-561. I am really blown out with this error. HAve you ever done a network bootup.

Well I think that the ISO Image didn't burn properly so it is not able to recognize it as a Bootable CD. Though this is very weird to Happen. For now best solution would be to borrow some of your Colleagues already Bootable Linnux CDs.

Really sorry steve! the Linux thing should have worked. I don;t know why it didn't. Ubuntu is really great.

Meantime see if u can get a copy of Ubuntu from your colleagues

Hi Shouvic
I found that the ubuntu CD installation or boot process did seem to hang after a bit on my PC (after further testing it ) so it may be in error although I did a test on it.
Ill try downloading and then copying again.
Another interesting thing I noted last night was that the mouse cursor is visible and moves in sink on the second (repeated ) half of the display
Its as if the video card is sending out 2 or 3 signals ?? but how does the cursor get into it ??
Thanks again for you help
Steve Marshall

Hi Shouvik another item I noted (I just posted you 2 minutes ago)
The error is in fact shown on the first screen seen after Gateway logo and is relateded to Intel (and not a Microsoft error message) it reads as follows

Intel (r) Boot agent ver 4.0.18
Intel Base-code PXE-2.1 (build 083)
PXE-E61: Media Failure check cable (note I corrected to E61 )
PXE-MOF Exiting Intel PXE Rom

Then next screen "Windows is starting"
Steve Marshall

I got it now. This actually means you have a network boot option in your boot sequence. In case there is a PXE ROM in your Mother Board. it is just to have a network boot option enabled. you can most probably disable it from your BIOS.

And regarding the Mouse Cursor. I could not picturize the scenario. It is bit vague to me. can u hrow some more light on it.

Hi Shouvik
the mouse cursor (or little arrow in my case) shows on the left half of screen and moves fine etc but it also shows and moves on second side of screen ( a repeat of the left side) as well, simultaneously.
it only shows on the second half (the right side) occasionally.
I was about to start ubuntu download again when I saw your new post
Cheers Steve Marshall

This means you are having a wrapping up of the display. the conclusion I can draw for now is that either your Display Adapter is sending wrong signals/LCD Ribbon has some problem.

When you try to boot it in Linux does the GUI behave the same way as it does in Windows. I need to know are there similarities if any.

The same used to happen with my OLD CRT monitor when I used to increase the positive potentials on the vertical deflecting plates of the Picture Tube. It used to reach the extreme end and wrap up like a folded sheet of paper. Am I able to picturize your problem correctly?

Hi Shouvik
Ill still have to re download Ubuntu (it takes me about 3 hours)
I have just taken a photograph of te screen and will try to attach it
Ok Iv sent as an attachment let me know if not there
Cheers Steve M

Hi Shouvik a second shot at sending picture
Steve M

Hi, what it now looks to me is that there is a serious problem with your Graphics Adapter/LCD Ribbon. If at all Linux does not have this problem then we can be sure that there is some Hardware/Driver incompatibilty alone.

Hey do one thing. While the windows boots up. press F8 and then boot it in Safe mode. see if the same happens.
I'm really dumb why din't this strike to me earlier.

Hi Shouvik
Yes I had tried safe mode before but just rechecked now and its still the same ??
Steve M

Then the probabilty is higher that something is wrong in Hardware level. I know it is tedious to download Linux and I'm nowhere near to fetch you a copy but just to be sure it is Hardware problem alone so that you can be sure whether to reach out to a service center or not, I am persuading to check out with linux.

Just try to get a copy from any of your friends. They must be having one Live CD for Linux atleast. Many Linux magazines supply complementary copies of Linux.

Good Luck!

MY Friends no vastly less about computers than I do (and thats not much) and haven't even heard of Linux!! so Ill retry a down load tonight and maybe try the local book store to see if they have PC mag with a copy of Linux Ill give it a go now and let you know tomorrow.
Thanks again
Steve Marshall

No probs man...We will help you out as much as possible. nothing to worry for...have a nice sleep. I think it is midnight at ur end :)

No actually its just after 1700 hrs, Im here in Queensland Australia
I just went and picked up a copy of Linux mag with Ubunto 7.04
( not bad for a little country town)
I went to install it but noticed it required 256mg ram min, and 2g min free Hard drive. this Gateway only has about 1.5 g free Ill change it for a larger one if I can beat this display problem.
I do have another laptop with a 12gig which might switch over + I have one of those cables that allow you to plug in a hard drive and connect to USB PORT ??? any how, the small drive could be whats stopping it from booting up and loading as it goes straight over to windows (cd starts up and runs first) but then switches over and starts windows ??
I think the ram is right near minimum too.
Ill have another go
Cheers Steve M

u need not install. U just need to boot up from the CD. That's y I said there is no need to disturb your installation of Windows.

U mean you have external CD Drive. If so try booting from USB. I think you would have it in your Boot Options once you pluggin.

But with your Internal CD Drive too u just need to keep your CD in And Boot

really I think I'm giving you a hard time. See anywhere on the CD if it is written as LiveCd. if so you just need to pop it in your CD Drive and press f12 (mostly works else f1) while boot up and boot from CD. I still have a feeling that your Laptop display is working fine. the problem is with windows.

No, actually Shouvik, the laptop wont boot from the cd it just sort of by passes it. The cd starts running during boot up and then stops and win 2000 begins to load
Ill check the CDdive with something else to see if its actually working properly
The cable I have is for actually for plugging in a hard drive and and linking it to the computer via usb port.
I used it to check out another laptop hard drive that was giving problems and was able to test it and reformat it on my PC (sort of like an external hard drive enclosure with out the fancy box) it accepts the small 21/2"laptop drives and also larger PC drives
Steve M

really I think I'm giving you a hard time. See anywhere on the CD if it is written as LiveCd. if so you just need to pop it in your CD Drive and press f12 (mostly works else f1) while boot up and boot from CD. I still have a feeling that your Laptop display is working fine. the problem is with windows.

Sorry Shouvik Im slow at Typing and am not keeping up with your messages.
The Ubuntu Disk I just got is not listed as "live" its called "Feisty Fawn" the version I down loaded yesterday was called "Linux Live Router " is that correct ??
Ill do it again, but that also would not boot up !!
must try the that CD Drive now to see IF its ok
Steve M

hi Steve,
Linux Live Router must be Router OS.
if you think you can invest anymore time with this linux thing then you can download this
Actually Live CD means you need not do anykind of installation. The kernel spaws into your main memory and takes some temporary space in your Harddisk. initializes all hardware. So it is like loading the OS from the CD instead of Harddisk.

AFAIK Ubuntu 7.04 is fully a live CD. I think you need to do some BIOS Settings in order to boot it from CD.

The above link i gave u is also for a Live CD of Debian Linux. Now I really feel this Linux thing is dragging you a li'l bit. But if you are an enthusiast you might learn many things.

OK Shouvic
Im on to it now, I tested my CD/DVD player in Gateway laptop and it works ok so will down load from the site you just sent now
I will sign off for the night now and thanks for hanging in and helping I learn all the time and its great !! many thanks and
Steve Marshall

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