NOTHING I have hooked up to a USB port works, the computer doesn't recognize anything in a USB port. The devices work when plugged into a different computer, so it's not the peripherals. The optical mouse, for example, has power ( the light comes on), but nothing moves. Any suggestions?

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Check the BIOS to see if USB connections are enabled there. If not, enable them and you should be set. If you have problems getting into BIOS, post the model number and brand of your motherboard here...or if you have a Dell/HP/Gateway etc, post the model number here and I'll help you get into BIOS...

Hi, ive got the exact same problem as Kranzberry. this also means that there is no way to use either my mouse or keyboard.
I have a Dell Dimension 9150
it would be great for any help thx

is it vista?

usb mice are screwed up in vista

no i running on xp

my usb ports dont work there enabled in bios I checked I dont know what to do its driving me crazy

maybe the usb ports hardware is at fault.

I wanted to set the USB port but I can't select the LegacyUSB Suport or USB Mass Storage. Any help.

my mice suddenly stop response in the middel of work in vista .

try checking the power option settings of your computer? had a similar problem before on my laptop computer and I tried a lot of things but nothing worked until I called support, the tech had me check my computer's power settings and found out that it is set to turn off or suspend the power on my USB ports if left for sometime, similar to what it does to the monitor I think, he had me change a few things and it worked well after that. Check if you have the same option in your computer, I don't recall the steps and the computer I have right now does not permit to go to control panel, if you want step by step instructions, try calling this number 1-877-7878749, I forgot their name but they might be of help.

try this
1. go to bios and enable the usb device
2. if that does not work force update the escd in bios by changing the bios interrupt assignment from auto to manual it then reassigns the interrupt port numbers.
3. also you may need to refer to your motherboard manual and change the usb power jumpers on your motherboard.
4. try diabling/ uninstalling the usb device driver by going to the device manager and
then reinstall the device.

thats about it if you still cant solve the problem goto ramannanda9dotblogspotdotdotcom
i have given the solution to that problem.

the dot is . :) hope this helps

Check the BIOS to see if USB connections are enabled there. If not, enable them and you should be set. If you have problems getting into BIOS, post the model number and brand of your motherboard here...or if you have a Dell/HP/Gateway etc, post the model number here and I'll help you get into BIOS...

The model number of the laptop in question is (PSAF-U-0NQ015 Toshiba satellite laptop

..hi there guyz!..try to follow this steps!..(1) try to check in BIOS settings if your USB has been enabled..or (2)try to check if you install your USB drivers in your motherboard properly..or (3) try to check your registry editor, go to RUN, type REGEDIT, follow the key names, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ USBSTOR, if the START modifies no. 3 then your USB ports are enabled but if it is no. 4 then your USB ports are disabled, to enable it just, right click START, click MODIFY, then encode no. 4 in the VALUE DATA then OK, close REGEDIT..restart your pc..i hope it helps!..^_^..

Hello guys,

On my pc all usb ports no longer work on the hp dx5150s (slimline).

I have checked all the USB devices and they work on other PC's. I have made sure all USB ports are enabled on the BIOS.

If you know how to fix this issue, i will be more than appreciative.



Hi check device manager(my computer/right click manager/device manager to see if there is an exclamation marks beside the USB ports,it may be a driver problem.

that case maybe your usb port is dead try update your usb port driver if not,, do a repair to your Operating system.....

What if I can't perform any of the above suggestions because I can't even get to the start button? My keyboard, nor my mouse work at all so I have no navigation at all. My monitor is just a black screen. When I push one of the buttons on it, the message says "analog input in power save mode. Touch any key on keyboard or move mouse to exit". Except I can't do that because the keyboard and mouse are plugges into the USB ports, which don't work.

For this right click on the "My computer" and select the "Manage" and then a box will appear on the screen , select the "Device manager" from the list and then make the enable "Serial buss controller".

actually i deleted the usb in the control panel and let it reinstall. worked much better after that.

I have ASUS motherboard and all the USB ports of my CPU are dead. What to do? I tried the device manager and reinstalled the USB ports though nothing happens.

i got the same problem after installing windows 7 64bit , i fixed it by : running "driver pack solution R14"
even if you got usb drivers already installed try dps r14 it will fix the problem,good luck.

I have a problem with my pc
All my devices connected to USB ports in the front and back of my PC stop working suddenly: my two external hard drives, Skype phone, camera, GPS, keyboard, headset...
Looks like USB ports are not active
when I connect them back I get error message - failed to install drivers
I checked BIOS - all USB ports are enabled
I have downloaded windows driver helper but didn't help much
I reinstalled windows but didn't format hard drive - no change
I have disconnected power for 30 min and removed battery off my PC - not helping
Interesting fact: usb ports were working till I disconnected devices, I removed one - it stop working while the remaining devices were working with no problem,
I was disconecting them one by one - now none of them works
I have reinstalled motherboard drivers - not helping

Please advise?

Piskula : did u tried the solution i gived ?

The article is great with a lot of interesting things that until now did not know and learned. I'll be glad to write again soon for this and wait looking forward to see new things on this topic.

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