I am experiencing something very weird on my Compaq Presario 720US which is running Windows XP Home with SP2. The firmware is current (version F0.C). My problem: at random intervals, something takes control of my cursor and sends it to the upper right-hand corner of the display, whereupon it does a series of left and/or right button clicks. If your current window frame is maximized then that frame gets closed - terribly inconvenient as you might imagine.

More data: latest Norton reports no viruses.

Any ideas?

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You have spyware or malware of some description on your PC, by the sound of it. You should follow the advice given in the "Helping Yourself" topic in the security section, and then report if you still have problems after using the suggested tools.

I'll move this topic there, because your problem is definitely not a hardware one ;)


Indeed, it was lame of me to put this in 'Hardware'. I have an excuse but it's a lie - I just wasn't paying attention....

Anyway, I failed to mention that I ran Ad-aware and SpyChecker utilities and found nothing.

Any other ideas?


Does it happen if you press on the palmrest of the machine?

It may in fact be a hardware problem... Sometimes laptop palmrests can interfere with the pointing devices integrated into the unit.


No, I am not touching the palmrest in any way. I have an external mouse with roller whell plugged into the PS2 port that can accept keyboard and/or mouse.

Again, regarding spyware/malware: I have produced a HiJack log and had it reviewed - no problems there.

Any other ideas?

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